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Poltergeist activity caught on actual security tape
(VIDEO) Wingate Illinois security personnel get more than they bargain for upon investigating screams coming from a seemingly empty room.
Poltergeist activity caught on actual security tape paraguy
paraguy on Wednesday, July 10, 2013
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Wingate, an upscale Hotel in Illinois, not your normal place you would expect to find a poltergeist right? - Don't tell that to the Security personnel though.



Security was notified of screams coming from a room on the second floor - Room 209. Upon sending a security officer to investigate, the security manager watched and followed the officer from the control center's video cameras.  The screams could be heard very plainly even on the video tape.


Upon entering the room, the security guard found the room completely empty, the water was running in the shower... ALL the furniture was torn up, including the carpet! - Watch at 1:32 into the video as an obvious shape comes out of the room after the security guard enters.



This is Real and Unedited footage, and actual events.




Julia Wilson
Julia Wilson I would have quit right then and there! That would have freaked me out!
 3 Yaers Ago via Julia Wilson    Monday, July 22, 2013  





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